Our Company

The history of Trend Manor Furniture Manufacturing Company is a genuine classic American dream story.

The company began as an ambition idea shared by two young men. Mr. Julian Vecchione started in the furniture business working in his parent’s retail store. There, he and a friend who was a furniture salesman on the road talked about starting their own furniture manufacturing business.

Before they could get started, World War II began and they both went into the armed forces to serve their country.

At the war’s end in 1946, Julian Vecchione returned home with a new nickname, Vic, that has stuck to this day, and a new business. He and his partner set up shop in a 3500 square foot plant in East Los Angeles making modern occasional furniture.  When looking to name the business, they discovered that the first two choices of Trend Furniture and Manor Furniture were already taken.  Vic combined the two names, and Trend Manor Furniture was born.


In 1949, after only three years in the original location, the company moved to a new location in Los Angeles and Vic became the sole owner, buying out his partner.

Trend Manor could not immediately support the entire facility so they shared the 10,000 square foot plant with a casket manufacturer. That relationship died six months later when Trend Manor grew to need the entire plant.

By 1956 Trend Manor had again grown strong enough to necessitate another move. A new 20,000 square foot factory was built in an industrial area of Pico Rivera. Also at that time, Trend Manor entered the field of Early American and their exceptional quality was an immediate success.

Trend Manor continued to flourish under the leadership of Vic Vecchione. In 1961 his son Ted joined the company. By 1969 they had outgrown the Pico Rivera plant prompting the fourth move to their present day location in the City of Industry.

On a three-acre parcel in a new industrial area they built a 65,000 square foot building. A tremendous downturn in business right at the time of the move made things extremely difficult. Trend Manor occupied 45,000 feet of the plant and leased out the remaining 20,000 feet, which was built for future expansion. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this initial year, but the company was successful and soon grew to take over the entire building.

Today, Trend Manor continues to grow and produce furniture of unequaled quality. The company now has three generations working as Vic Vecchione’s grandsons Greg and Scott have joined the firm.

In an industry where others have gone to cheaper materials and shoddy workmanship, Trend Manor continues to offer SOLID WOOD furniture of exceptional value. Trend Manor is committed to having the latest woodworking equipment but steadfastly refuses to compromise quality craftsmanship. A prime example is that each piece of furniture still is hand-rubbed and waxed to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Vic Vecchione said it best in his goal for Trend Manor: “We want to build furniture that people will be proud to have in their homes and will truly last for generations.”